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Related post: Date: Sat, young porngirls 6 Sep 1997 23:53:41 -0400 (EDT) From: Subject: Remy & Smily: The Big Easy (Television Series)Disclaimer: The following story contains adult subject matter. If you are under the age of 21 you should not be reading this and it is illegal for you to possess it. If you read beyond this point, you are claiming to be 21 young children porn years of age, and that it is legal for you to possess adult aoriented material.This is a sexually oriented work of fiction. If sex between consenting adults, homosexuality or therein is offensive nudes youngest to you, DO NOT READ IT! By reading beyond this point you are accepting homosexuality and adult oriented material willing.This is a fantasy containing characters from popular television culture. Remy & Smily: The Big EasyBy R.A. Swain Rain beat against the windows of Remy McSwain's apartment. He and his long time friend, Smily Dupree were sitting in the livingroom watching a basketball game on television. It was a typical evening."Shoot!" Smily shouted at the screen. He tossed some popcorn at the screen as the player missed the shot. "Man, I just don't believe this game." "Me young baby teen either," young lesbian schoolgirls Remy said. "There's no defense. These guys suck."A clap of thunder crashed in the distance. "This youngest sex virgin is some storm," Smily said. He dirty young nudes turned to look out the windwow just as another clap of thunder sounded. A bright flash of lightening cracked across the sky and the lights in Remy's apartment flickered."Great," Remy said. Another flash of lightening, virgin young seks and the powere in the New Orleans area went out. "Damn!. Right in the middle of the game.""Yeah," Smily said, fumbling with a pack of matches from his resturant. Fresh young teenz He struck one, shedding light on the room, while Remy moved a porn young baby hurricane lamp young pink girls to the coffee free young shoolgirl table and waited for Smily to light it. "That's better. You got any more lamps?""Yup, and some candles," Remy said, moving about in the shadowy light."So, now what are we gonna do?" Smily asked as Remy moved about lighting candles and oil young brazilian girls lamps about the apartment."We young virgins porn youngest sex girls could play Monopoly," Remy suggested."Naw, I young incest toons hate that. Besides, it's better when you've got a bunch of tiny young girl people." Smily looked young toplist japanese about the darkness. "You know pussy young grill what this reminds me of?""What?" Remy asked reseating himslef opposite his friend on the couch."When we was teenagers, playing poker out in that ilegal porno young cabin on the bayou," Smily said, a grin creeping across his face."You mean when we was playing strip poker," Remy corrected. "You, me, and Corina and Jolene Dubois.""Yeah, " Smily answered. "But we never did get them to finish a game.""Hey, you wanna play a game now?" Remy asked."Now? I don't know. We don't have any girls here," Smily 14 young pics said."What, are you afraid for me to see you youngest cuties nude naked since we're all grown up now?" Remy chided."You see me? Awful big talk, Mr. Policeman. As I remember, you didn't have all that much to show back then," Smily joked. "Has your night stick improved since we was teenagers?""Only one way to find out," Remy said, reaching into a draw and producing a deck of cards."You're on, man. It'll be a pleasure beating the pants off you," nude young comic Smily said. He grabbed the deck and shuffled.The first hand was dealt and Remy watched youngest video sex the sweat forming against his friend's dark brow. The young hardcore sex candle light glistened against Smily's dark skin. He tossed aside three cards and watched Remy's eyes, and he too, littel young teens discarded two cards and chose replacements."Read 'em and younger virgin weep," Smily said, laying down three nines."Not so fast," Remy said. He revealed three tens.Smily frowned. "It's only the first hand,"he said. He removed his sneakers.After two more hands Smily hand youngporn photos removed his socks and shirt. Sitting in the candle light wearing a t- shirt, slacks and loita young teens underwear, he was beginning youngest boy porn to question the sexy young schoolgirl sanity of a grown man playing strip poker with his best friend. On the next hand he discovered it was not young thumbnail pictures all that insane.Remy very young lesbian lost the hand and removed his loafers. He'd neglected young pretten to free jpg young wear socks that day. Now he was wearing a shirt, t-shirt, jeans and underwear. He dealt the next hand and hoped Smily was doing worse than him. As the hand was revealed, young little angels his own eight's and aces, two pair, xxx angels young were beaten by four jacks. He shed his shirt and watched Smily deal the next hand."Man, young fucks I remember me being a better poker player," Remy said.Smily grinned again. "This young old fuck ain't half bad." he discared one card.Remy was the one sweating now. The sound of the driving rain was closing in on him. He picked up two cards to replace his discard, and revealed nothing. Not one match. Smily laughed. "Alright," he said, revealing a straight. "Now I get to see some skin."Remy felt the sweat on his upper lip. "Don't get too overjoyed." young sex girls He stood up and undid his jeans, dropping them to his ankles. He was wearing plaid slik boxers."How far we taking this?" Smily asked, shuffling the deck and dealing the next hand."I'm young porn hd planning on winning," Remy said."Okay," Smily replied. He shifted in gratis young girls his seat as the next hand was played out. After watching Remy produce three queens over young schoolgirl rape his two pair, Smily tugged his t-shirt over his head, revealing a smooth black chest, finely chiseled from working out at the local gym.Another hand found Remy removing his t-shirt to alphasex young reveal a hairy chest. "You know, we don't have to keep playin'," young teen virgins Remy said."You're down to your boxers," Smily pointed out. "I want to see if what they say about you police is true.""What's young naturists extreme that?" Remy asked. "You all young gay lollita have small nightsticks.""I'll match my night stick against yours any day," Remy said."We'll see," Smily replied. The next had did not go his way, and Smily removed his slacks, revealing a pair of black silk boxers. "Well, it looks like we're even.""Next hand says it all." Remy felt the pressure building in the room, and in his shorts."Winner take all?" Smily asked."Just like the old days on young daughter incest the bayou?"Remy young erect dealt the hand and watched Smily's eyes intently. He watched and wiated for Smily to discard. "I'll play these," Smily said.Remy frowned and discarded three cards. His replacements weren't any better. He tossed down his cards and waited for Smily to reveal Paige young his cards. "Two pair, kings and queens," Smily said.Remy shrugged. "Well, my friend, it looks like you won."Smily smiled. "Get 'em off."Remy stood up and slow stripped down his boxers, revealing busty young bikini a hairy crotch and a 7" cock sticking free nn young straight up."I knew you was horny tonight," Smily young children porno said."One more hand," Remy begged. "You're shorts for my....Well, services for the rest photo young teen of the night.""You mean, more than just me young porn xxx cornholing you?" Smily asked."I mean, everything you want, for the entire night. All night. If you win," Remy answered."And If I lose?"Remy smiled. "You shed those boxers and we have a good ole' circle jerk, just like back in high school.""And you save that precious ass youngest sex teens of your. You're on," Smily agreed.Remy dealt the cards. Three queens, sexy young modles he was covered. He stared into Smily's eyes but couldn't read him. After a dramatic moment, smily lay down four aces. Remy paled as Smily stood up and dropped his boxers revealing a flaccid cock that was longer than his erect one."Damn, man, how big is that thang?""Right now, about 9". young lady chatterley Now why don't we go in on your bed and make it reach its full 14"." young preetens Smily took Remy by the nude young nuns hand and helped him to his feet. The rain beating down against the windows was turning them both youngest cute cunt on, more than they wanted to admit.Smily lay down on Remy's bed. "Why don't we do something I know you always wanted to do. Let's get in a sixty-nine," Smily suggested."How did you know I wanted to try that with you?" Remy asked."I always wanted to do it with you too, man. Don't naked young kids you young naked kds know, you're my best friend. I may not be attracted to every man who walks into my bar, but I've always wanted you," Smily explained.Remy sat on the edge of the bed as Smily kissed his neck. "Are you gay?" he asked.Smily paused. "No. I mean, I don't want any other man besides you. So, I guess maybe I'm gay just for you. How about you?""I'm not into every guy I see, although there have been a few. You know about my brothers and what it was film porn youngs like growing up on the bayou, but young underground sex none of them excited me the way you do." He allowed Smily to resume kissing him, pressing his big black cock against Remy's back, and he reached around and grasped the monster.Remy turned and faced the growing cock for the first time. He'd youngest gallery seen young bestiality pics it back in high school, but this was the first time he really looked at it. It was huge, and smooth, and looked good. He tentatively neared it, allowing the masculine smell of Ortmans young his friend to filter into his nose, and then slowly ran his tongue over the very tip of the cock.Smily shivered. It was a great feeling. The rush of having his friend lick his shaft down to his balls sent shivers of joy down his spine. He fell into a 69 with Remy, grabbing his 7" cock and devouring it in one mouthful. He took it all the way down his throat and then bobbed his young small tits head reversing the moves Remy was doing to him. He felt Remy's hands exploring his ass, rubbing his willing hole, and he reciprocated. This was not only sex to either man, but an extention of their friendship and mutual love. Weather it ever happened again wouldn't matter, for it was happening now.Remy younger kid tgp broke his attempt to get as much of Smily's cock in his mouth as possible and came up for air. "I love you, man. I want to kiss you."Smily stopped sucking Remy long enough to switch positions. He was facing his buddy of twenty years, and looking into his deep blue eyes. "You're supposed to be a ladies man, but tonight you're mine." He pressed his lips against Remy's and slipped his tongue into his friend's mouth.Remy reciprocated. He licked and kissed the sweet tasting black man, and soon found himself sucking Smily's left nipple. Smily's hands were alternately on Remy's nipples and cock, pinching and stroking. This was hotter sex than either men had ever experienced with the women in their lives. This was raw passion and total love and trust.Remy again worked Smily's cock, attempting to get all of it in his mouth. He relaxed his throat muscles but just couldn't take the whole think. He gave young nude nymph up after a few more sucks. "Man, if I can't get that down my throat, I want it young girls squirting all up my ass."Smily almost choked. "Are you sure? I'm big. I mean, I'm 14" long, and 6" wide. Man this is super cock we're talking here. I don't what to hurt you.""I can take it," Remy said. Afterall, you will reciprocate, won't you?"Smily looked at Remy's 7" long 3" wide cock. "If you can take all of me, my ass is yours."Remy reached into a nightstand draw and produced a jar of smooth lube. "Do it man, I need that monster in me. Show me how much you really love me."Smily lubed his hot long cock and positioned himself behind Remy, who was on all fours. "Tell me if this hurts and I'll stop," he said."Just do it," Remy said.Smily rubbed the tip of his huge cock against Remy's nude young daughter waiting butt, and soon, over Remy's moans, the tip was inside. "I'm not hurting you, am russian young nudiste I?""Just young hairy girls keep going," Remy ordered.Smily did as he was told, marveling at the young sex parties tight feeling on his cock as he inched forward into his best friend's ass. After what seemed like hours he felt his balls touch against Remy's. He was all the way into Remy McSwain's tight ass, and it was the best feeling of his life. "Oh yes, man! You are tight!""Do it," Remy ordered.Smily began thrusting in and out, slowly at first, youngest teenboys and picking up speed young ******** kissing as he went along. Longer strokes, and faster young sweet pussy strokes. Remy was gritting his teeth and tears were rolling down his cheeks, but it was the absolute best extreme young tgp feeling he'd ever had."Fuck me!. Slam it home!" Remy was shouting. "Do it, young shaved porn man! Fuck my ass!"Smily was slamming his long cock into Remy and soon felt the build up, until he could take it no longer. Thre very younge akt more thrusts and he pulled his hot cock out of Remy's ass and shot his load over Remy's back. Spurt after spurt until Remy was covered in litte young porn youngest ******** cum. 16 young fucked Smily slumped down across Remy's back. He leaned in and kissed Remy's ear. "I love you, man."Remy relaxed for young rascals a moment. Then rolled over. "I want young portal porn to fuck you. It was a great feeling. I want you to know the pleasure porno pussy young you just gave me."Smily looked up at his friend. "I don't know.""Come on," Remy said. "You promised.""Okay," Smily conceded. "Just be gentle.""After that monster of yours, you think I could cause you any pain?""I'm a virgin, back there."Remy looked at Smily. "Smily Dupree, you lying young nude female horndog. I heard all about you and Rusty T. back in the bayou."Smily paled a little. "You knew about that all these years, and young porno children we're just getting together now?""I'm a slow mover," Remy said."Hey, how'd you find out about Rusty T.?" Smily asked, getting on young children sexy all fours, as Remy lubed up his own stiff cock."He told me about it when he was doing me," Remy said with a grin. He rubbed his cock against Smily's hole and young plumper thrust in, lolkaz young nudes faster than Smily had done young pre cuties to him."DAMN!" porn young exotic beau young Smily shouted. "Slow down. young 13 pussy There ain't no hurry. Listen to the rain. We got all night to explore youngest girl modles each other.""And the rest young fucking russians of our lives," Remy added.If you like this young sister pic story look for others in the near future based on several other television characters. E-mail comments to
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